The No. 1 question Americans ask most about retirement
May 15, 2019 by Catey Hill

And some of the best--and most controversial--answers to it.

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Can't Stop Won't Stop (Working)
May 2, 2019 by Scott Lanman and Stephanie Flanders

Many older Americans are living longer and happy to keep working. Other can't afford to retire. Those are a couple of the reasons why people over age 65 are swelling the ranks of U.S. employees in recent decades. On this week's episode of Stephanomics, Matthew Boesler takes a closer look at this phenomenon and how it's reshaping the world's largest economy.

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What Scares Retirement Planning Prospects Now
April 12, 2019 Allison Bell
"IRI, Ameriprise and Allianz Life have peered into consumers' heads and found... fear, and confusion."
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Americans Fear This One Thing More Than Death
April 12, 2019 Katie Brockman
"It's something everyone will face at some point. Nobody likes to think about their worst fears. But sometimes not conquering your fears is worse than the fears themselves. For nearly half of Americans, that No. 1 fear is that they're not saving enough for retirement. A survey from financial institution Primerica found that 43% of Americans share that nightmare, while only 25% said their biggest fear is death."
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Optimizing Retirement Income by Integrating Retirement Plans, IRAs, and Home Equity
Nov 2017 - Stanford Center on Longevity
"In this report, the authors present a framework of analyses and methods that financial advisers, financial institutions, plan sponsors, and retirees can use to compare and assess strategies for developing lifetime retirement income. We recommend that financial advisers, plan sponsors, and financial institutions use disciplined analyses to demonstrate they are acting in the best interests of their clients who are approaching and entering retirement."
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